Sourcing and product research

Thanks to its experience and a wide network of partners based in Europe and Asia, Axocom offers to accompany and support you throughout your project.

Our team will adapt to all your sourcing projects:

  • Private label creation
  • Search for a specific product
  • Prototype development and manufacturing
  • Direct import (including all customs formalities)

We manage your project from A to Z, from the design stage through manufacturing, quality control and delivery to your home, and when it comes to developing a new product or sourcing large quantities, many issues can arise that could compromise the entire project. Whether it is logistics management, customs formalities or mandatory standards and other approvals, being accompanied by a team of experts can be very beneficial, both financially and practically.

For all your requests, please contact our team who will be happy to inform you at 020 8200 0010 or by e-mail at