Gorilla Tech premium tempered glass for Samsung Galaxy A40

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These Quality Gorilla Tech PREMIUM TEMPERED GLASS screen protectors are super tough, ultra clear and maintain your screen’s original touchscreen sensitivity without compromising the high-definition viewing experience.
3D Touch and Face ID Compatible, Rounded Edges, more durability and no chipping with 100% Customer Satisfaction, with a Retina Clarity (99% Transparent), 0.3mm thickness, enjoy your Phone’s original HD retina display and high-response touch.
Extremely high hardness: Ultimate Scratch Protection with an industry-high 9H hardness this protector is virtually impossible to scratch, whatever you whack against it. Moreover, thanks to the cutting edge technology used in manufacturing, the shatter-proof membrane ensures glass sticks together even if broken.
Dust-free, fingerprint-free, one-push super easy installation, bubble free. The Oleophobic coating is applied using latest technology (electroplating) protects against fingerprints, Fingers glide across just like your original glass screen.

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