Coque defender en gel noir pour iPhone XS Max

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Manufactured from Ultra Lightweight and Durable TPU Smart Memory Gel — The Defender Gel case will always revert back to its original shape when distorted, this provides an easy snap-on installation for your phone. The Flex Press prevents scratches on the power and volume buttons and does not impede the functionality when pressed.
Precision Cut Outs — All ports allowing access to the charging and headphone socket have been cut out to pin-point precision. A Full Transparent Case Keeps your phones original look which preserves the colour and clarity of your device.
Dual-Slit Shock Absorbers — The edges of this case are lined with dual-slit shock absorbers which mitigate impact when the device is dropped. The inside of the Defender Gel case has a dotted mesh pattern which has been implemented to prevent the silicone gel from sticking to the phone and causing a water mark effect which is a common problem for competitor cases. Its non-slip texture helps to maintain a comfortable, soft grip when holding your phone to reduce the chances of any accidental drops
Full Transparent — A full transparent case allows your phone to keep its original design and preserve the exterior colour which gives it a unique look and feel. As this case is constructed from TPU gel there is no need to worry about the case shattering, this makes it a perfect item for children.

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Coque defender en gel noir pour iPhone XS Max